Trading of Equipment & Chemical Supplies

  Chemicals for drinking water treatment
  Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment
  Chemicals for Cooling Tower and Boiler Treatment

Trading and supplying of specialty chemicals, electrical controls and related instruments used in water and wastewater treatment systems.  The Company is also representing Formeco Srl Italy for supply of solvent recovery system, water evaporator and fractional distillation plant and other branded equipment in temperature management and control.

WaterTech Water Treatment Chemical

We have a complete speciality chemicals designed for Wastewater treatment. WaterTech has the expertise to help you reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, minimise sludge handling and disposal costs, promote water recycling and water savings. 

Our Product Range: 

  EasyFloc PAC - Powder Coagulant
  EasyFloc 120 - Liquid Coagulant
  EasyFloc 110 - Liquid Coagulant
  EasyFloc 100 - Liquid Coagulant
  EasyFloc 19 - Granular Coagulant
  EasyFloc AL 103 - Liquid Flocculant
  EasyFloc AG 103 - Granular Flocculant
  EasyFloc AE 203 - Emulsion Flocculant
  EasyFloc HMP - Precipitant 

Product Benefits: 

  From large, rapid settling flocs which will settle easily in the clarifier
  Prevent alumina floc breakup and carry over
  Improve the color removal in many system
  Produce clear treated water
  Improves sludge dewatering 

WaterTech representatives can help you to determine the optimum product type for your needs. 


  Quick Disconnect Design Saves Time and Money 
  Installs in Seconds, No Tools Needed
  Flat Surface Design Resists Coating 
  CPVC or PVDF Models Available
  Available with or without ATC Elements 

The submersion pH and ORP electrodes from Sensorex are designed for measurements in tanks, flumes and sewer lines. Submersion designs are also well suited for applications with highly suspended solids or where flocculation operations require low velocities or in tanks with high agitation. 

Where low velocities are present and coating is a problem, the electrode can be mounted at a 45-degree angle facing into the flow so as to obtain increased scrubbing action across the measuring surface. The cartridge quick disconnects design makes changing electrodes a snap and minimizes down time due to electrode maintenance.

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FORMECO has been producing solvent recovery systems, waste water treatment apparatus and acids recovery units since 1977. 

Common in all FORMECO units is quality, workmanship and dedication to total customer satisfaction. Each FORMECO machine is tested and tuned at the factory to give customers the ultimate performance and trouble-free operation. 

FORMECO examines customer’s problems and simulates the recycling process with the customer’s waste by means of pilot test units.

Formeco Products Consists of:

  Solvent Recovery Systems
Water Evaporators
Acid Recycling Units