Track Record


Year Scope of Work
2004 Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Fume Scrubber.
2004 Scrubber System.
2005 Wastewater Treatment Plant
2005 Wastewater Sump.
2006 To remove existing old PE chemical tanks 9 (3 units), and to fabricate and install new cylinder vertical dome top flat base fibre reinforced plastic tank and pipes & fitting.
2006 Pure Water System.
2006 Equalization Sumps.
2006 Final pH Monitoring System.
2006 Wastewater treatment plant
2006 Final pH Monitoring System.
2006 Final pH Monitoring System.
2006 Final pH Monitoring System.
2006 Wastewater Treatment Plant.
2007 Modify WWTP.
2007 Fume Scrubber System.
2008 WWTP & Acid Fume Scrubber @ Vietnam
2008 Design, Demin & Conditioning
2008 Proposed Nikko Chemical Plant @ Jurong Island (Final pH monitoring & discharge control system).
2008 Holding tank for domestic waste
2008 Design & Build Fume Scrubber   
2008 Design, Install & Commissioning               
5m³/hr Boiler feedwater
2008 Supply & Installation of Resin Rebed - 2 units
2008 PUB Water Storage Tank   
2009 2 Nos of Model -MBRE-6R Marine Style UV Unit
2009 Coca Cola WasteWater Project                      
2009 2 pcs Fresh Water Silver Ion Sterilisers, 1 lot 3rd party approval Flanges & 4 pcs 1" ANSI
2009 UPW & WWTP Project
2010 UPW Project
2011 GMF Project
2011 Design, Install, Test & Commission of Dust Collector
2012 Design, Install, Test & Commission of Chemical Scrubber
2012 Design, Install, Test & Commission of final pH Monitoring System
2012 Repair and Upgrade of WWTP

Design, Install, Test & Commission of Final Ph Monitoring System
2012 Upgrade of WTP
2013 Design, Supply and Test & Commission of SWRO
2013 Design, Install, Test & Commission of WWTP

Year Scope of Work
2007 Design and build ultra-filtration pilot plant.

Year Scope of Work
2005 To supply wastewater evaporator system.
2009 Water Evaporator System

Year Scope of Work
2006 Replacement of Scrubber Fans.
2006 Design and build WWTP and pure water system.
2007 Design and build pure water system.
2008 Wastewater Treatment Plant.
2008 Electroplating wastewater treatment.
2009 - 2010 Construction of and operating and maintaining plants in Inner Mongolia
2011 Long term contract for operation and maintenance of water treatment plant
2012 Development of Phase 1 of Heilongjiang (Fujin) International Safe Food Industrial Park and Riverside City

Year Scope of Work
2008 Demin Water Treatment Plant for Qatar

Year Scope of Work
2009 DI Plant & Wastewater Treatment Plant