Our Core Capabilities

Our capabilities lie in our:

  1. Technical Expertise in Customization, Design and Construction of Eco-Systems and Technical Solutions:
  2. Ability and skills as an eco-system and technical facilities DESIGNER and CONSTRUCTOR, to provide solutions to specific industrial requirements or problems for water, energy and temperature management and control. 

  3. Structuring and Packaging of Projects including Contractual and Financial Solutions:
  4. Experience and skills to structure and package complete design, contractual and financial solutions for projects to meet clients’ requirements (turnkey projects).

  5. Operating, Servicing and Maintenance:
  6. Ability and experience in providing complete services, from design, to construction, to long term servicing and maintenance of industrial water treatment plants.


What Can WaterTech do for her Clients and their Companies?

WaterTech (with her resources) can:

  • Customise design engineering system/solution to meet the challenges of the client company’s technical needs/problems in the management of WATER, WASTEWATER, ENERGY AND TEMPERATURE in manufacturing.
  • Manage, construct and upgrade engineering systems or facilities for more efficient management of the client company’s waste water treatment system, energy and temperature control in order to meet current ecological demands.
  • Develop, design and structure suitable financial and/or countertrade schemes to meet the client’s business needs for business expansion and improvement.
  • Help client in the management, re-construction, repair or the management & maintenance of your newly completed or existing water treatment, energy and temperature control facilities.
  • WaterTech also employs her skills, experience and resources to:
    • Develop, design, build and market her own branded equipment and “ready-to-use” solutions for the general market;
    • Promote, encourage and/or co-invest with others in suitable and feasible business opportunities as co-investors in client’s business development/expansion schemes.
    • Participating in the planning and developing of industrial estates and manage facilities, including industrial or business parks in China.