About Us

Company Overview

WaterTech Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2004.  In less than two years, the Company was granted ISO 9001:2000 for quality management standards and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management system in the areas of design, procurement & fabrication, supply & installation, testing & commissioning and servicing of water & waste water treatment system. The Company is now an environmental engineering specialist with particular strength and focus in providing integrated systems for water and wastewater treatment. 

Working with partners, today, the Company has expanded technical capabilities to include temperature control, air pollution control solutions, water and wastewater treatment systems, recycling and zero waste systems, converting waste to energy, power generation, and other environmental engineering and management technologies.  The company has also ventured into providing integrated urban solutions for cities in the Asia-Pacific Region.  Our business in providing engineering, procurement, construction projects has gone beyond Singapore to cover also Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Qatar, and China, etc.

Since year 2008, the Company has been strategically focused on Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (“BOOT”), Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT”), and Transfer-Operate-Transfer (“TOT”) projects for water and wastewater treatment plants. We have secured and completed 30-year BOOT projects to treat Industrial/domestic wastewater in Inner Mongolia & Shandong, China.  The success of the BOOT projects has led the Company to acquire other such projects.  The Company has since expanded its horizons in this area of business, in other parts of Asia such as Indonesia, India and Malaysia.

A related integral core competency and business of the company is in the ability to package and structure technical and financial deals for infrastructure, and urban development projects, and infrastructure assets, through close collaboration with a team of international financial experts under the company group’s Engineering and Corporate Finance Consultancy arm.

The Company is invested and supported by SPRING SEEDS Capital (a subsidiary of SPRING Singapore under Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry) and SEACARE Foundation Pte Ltd (under the SEACARE Union which is part of the National Congress of Trade Union – NTUC - in Singapore). Both government-related institutions have in total, taken substantial equity in the Company, together with other prominent investors.


Technical Ability to Customise and Integrate Environmental Solutions for Water , Cold Chain Management, Air Pollution Control, Recycling,  Zero Discharge, Waste to Energy Technology

The Company is capable of providing customized integrated environmental solutions to meet the specific requirements of customers in various industries. The integrated solutions include water and wastewater survey, wastewater characteristics study, flow measurement, process design and build, manufacturing of components, assembly of systems, overall management, engineering, testing, procurement and construction, operation, and after-sales maintenance and service. (The Company was granted ISO 9001:2000 for quality management standards and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management system within two years of the Company’s inception).

Through the Company’s strategic partnership with specialists in the fields of Water, Cold Chain Management, Air Pollution Control, and Renewable Energy, together with a combined experience of more than 3 decades, sophisticated and complex technical eco-solutions can be designed and customized to customer’s requirements, for instance, customizing an integrated system.  

The Company has technical partners who possess exclusive technology in eco-engineering capabilities such as specializing in high temperature organic waste converter, sludge dewatering system, micro-filtration,  ultra- filtration  and  membrane   bioreactor system, portable desalination systems (SWRO), reverse osmosis membrane, specialty water treatment chemical, specialty chemical for sludge encapsulation and heavy metal removal. Years of working with our technology partners has given the Company a competitive edge by being able to use up-to-date new technologies available in overseas markets.  This is also a mark of the Company’s ability to meet international standards in the provision of its services.


New Market Penetration Strategy

The Company’s main market penetration strategy is to enter new emerging markets, particularly in Asia.  Our market penetration strategy has brought the Company to expand overseas to cover Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Middle East, China (Inner Mongolia, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, Beijing, Macau, Heilongjiang), and parts of North America.

The Company is also one of the first foreign water treatment companies in Asia to successfully penetrate the Inner Mongolia market for several years now.


Experienced Engineering and Management Team

The Company is led by a specialist engineering team, and an experienced management team, with a proven track record in water and wastewater treatment industry.  The company has developed a reputation in the industry for its pragmatic and rigorous business management practices. The engineering and management team brings together an unparalleled combination of expertise in chemical process, electronics, mechanical and environmental engineering with extensive experience in handling different kinds of water and waste water treatment , and other environmental engineering projects. Together, the core engineering team has a cumulation of more than 7 decades  of water management and design experience.  With a good mix of specialists, the Company assures clients of the quality of service and expertise delivered.

The engineering team has also developed strong technical knowledge to merge the know-how of wastewater treatment processes and instrumentation control systems to ensure the smooth and automatic operation of its clients’ plant, with minimum down time, and continuous compliance of the local authority compliance requirement.